The one and only
forged Drum Set

Drums with ceramic coating for the demanding enthusiast

Eternity Club Set

Exceptional Drum Sets forged with the highest demands of passionate drummers in mind

For the production of the drum shells we use solid forged stainless steel or bell bronze rings with wall thicknesses of 0.16 – 0.39 inches.

The ceramic belt gives the drums their particularly powerful sound.

Uncompromising quality and loving handwork guarantee a unique sound experience and lifelong durability for the hardest use.

Eternity Club Set
Snare 13,6''x5''
Snare 13,6''x5''
Snare 13,6''x5''

Snare drums made of bronze or steel with a ceramic ring

Our shells are manufactured with greater precision than anything known to date in drum construction. The radial and axial run-out deviations are below 0.003 inches.

The support of the skins is manufactured so precisely that the skins fit everywhere. The radius can be chosen so small that the contact surface is minimal and the skin is not hindered in its vibrations.

This precision and the homogeneity of the shell material in conjunction with the hard material coating on the outer diameter give the drums special, defined vibration behaviour and thus an unmistakable sound characteristic!


Unmistakable powerful sound

Hear for yourself!


Highest quality completion

To complete the drum, tensioning brackets, snare lifts and tensioning rings from Dixon are used. It is the world's largest manufacturer and supplier to most drum manufacturers. The quality of the parts is unsurpassed.


ceramic coating

The coating of the shells with ceramic has not only decorative character. The vibration behaviour of the drum is significantly influenced. This approx. 0.008 inches thick layer shortens the reverberation time and eliminates unwanted secondary oscillations. After the coating, the bowl is ground exactly round.


Special brackets

For the positioning of the Tom Toms all brackets are made at MDP. Standard stands and suspensions are not suitable. The MDP drums are completely rubber-mounted and thus vibrationally separated from the hardware.

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