High End Drum-Sets

For demanding


Eternity Rock Set

10 years warranty on all shells

High End Drum-Sets

For demanding Individualists​

Eternity Rock Set

10 years warranty for all shells


High End Drum-Sets

For demanding Individualists

Eternity Rock Set

10 years warranty for all shells


Uncompromising quality

Drum Sets

We manufacture forged drums in unique quality. Made by real enthusiasts, designed for real drum lovers.

Suspected record

High precision manufacturing

Our drum shells are more accurate than anything known so far in drum construction. The radial and axial run-out deviations are below 0.003 inches.

Extrastarke Snare Halterungen
Sturdy and Powerful

Special design of the brackets

For the positioning of the Tom Toms all brackets are made at MDP. The MDP drums are fully rubber-mounted and thus vibrationally separated from the hardware.

Solid and Durable

10 years warranty

We don’t do things by halves. Thanks to the outstanding production and material quality of our snare drums, we can give a 10 year guarantee on all drum shells.


Special sound characteristics

The accuracy and homogeneity of the drum shell material in combination with the ceramic coating give the drums a special, defined vibration behaviour.


Forged drum shells

We use forged stainless steel or bell bronze rings with wall thicknesses of 0.16 – 0.39 inches for the production of the shells.

Trommelschonende Fußmaschinenhalterung

Extra strong foot machine holder

For the bass drum, special load-bearing feet were constructed, as well as a special mount for the foot machine. This has the huge advantage that the clamping ring does not become deformed.

High End Drums for enthusiasts!

Forged premium Drum Sets

Our drums are an insider tip among real enthusiasts. The powerful sound of forged drum kettles is unmistakable and provides that little bit extra for a unique performance.

Discover our drum sets now!

Hearing is Believing



Lecker Nudelsalat (Band)

Yes, lightweight is different. But why do we make music? If you have answered this question for yourself and want to make peace, end your search for „THE SNARE“, you simply have to try this snare once. CAUTION: 100% PURCHASE RISK!

It is a dream for every drummer and also a dream for everyone else on stage. […] The fact is and remains: This snare and also other models from MDP Drums (12×6“) are unbelievably good and we really advise everyone: LOOK AT THESE SNARES and play them for the sample.



Renate from Hamburg

Purchased a 13''x6,5'' Eternity Snaredrum

A snare, so good

it makes you want to stand on your head for joy!

Private collection of especially outstanding snares from 40 years


Collector from Jülich, Germany

So, this is a bell bronze like many others? …the No.37 in my BB collection? No, that in advance, it is one of the BEST, where a DW and many others have to queue up behind! I have been able to play the drum for a few days now, and it will probably remain on the set for some time. It is too good for the shelf. I am only self-taught, can not play notes, but the snare with its damn sensitive response and still the beloved dry punch in the ears tells me … here I stay!

Not the drivel about sustain, attack, harmonics. For my subjective feeling, the secret of this snare also lies in the superfine snarebed (?), in conjunction with a good snare carpet, or should I be wrong here? Simply a super part! A feeling maybe only, …but a very GOOD one!


Each drum
a unicum

manufacturing technology

Powerful sound

10 years warranty
on all shells

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The drum set beyond compromise

What is it that makes a drum set from MDP so special?

Due to our high-precision manufacturing technology, our steel shells are manufactured more precisely than anything known in drum construction to date. The radial and axial run-out deviations are are below 0.003 inches. The contact surface of the skins is therefore minimal and the skin is not hindered in its oscillations.


And how is the unmistakable sound characteristic of the drum boilers achieved?

We utilize solid forged stainless steel or bell bronze rings with wall thicknesses from 0.16 – 0.39 inches for the manufacture of the boilers. The ceramic belt provides the drums with their particularly powerful sound.