Accessories for snares and drums

More than just supports!


Extrastarke Snare Halterungen

Accessories for for Snares and Drums

More than just supports!
Extrastarke Snare Halterungen


Accessories for Snares and Drums

More than just supports!
Extrastarke Snare Halterungen


Clever and functional

Drum and Snare Accessories

Our drum shells are made of heavy metal (pun intended). This is what makes them so special. But it is the weight itself that calls for strong brackets and the bass drum needs to be transportable to the next performance.

For 22 pounds of Tom Toms you need
very stable holders.
Our positioning systems are made of high-grade brass and stainless steel.

Stabiles Rack aus Edelstahlrohren

A sturdy rack of stainless steel tubes provides the essential stability and also looks fantastic on top.

Flight Case für Große Trommel

With our transport boxes the heavy bass drums can be moved with ease.

Special load-bearing feet were designed for the bass drum and – to be especially emphasized in this regard – the bass drum support that acts as the mounting for the foot machine.

Any standard foot machine can be easily docked to the MDP bass drum support. The MDP bass drum support offers the huge advantage that the clamping rings are not damaged and the bass drum tuning remains unaffected.

It has been bothering me for a long time that one messes up the tension ring when attaching the foot machine to the tension ring of the bass drum. It’s a nightmare solution to every technician, something like that shouldn’t even be considered. The careful skin pre-tensioning is massacred on one side and then nothing is correct anymore. With our new construction of the bass drum support with an attachment point for the foot machine this can’t happen anymore.

Dipl. Ing. Martin Piroth

High quality accessories for drums and snares

Stable, durable, mobile

An upper class drum set requires extraordinary solutions for inconspicuous challenges. Convince yourself of our range of accessories for our Tom Toms and Bass Drum.

Discover our accessories now!

Sturdy Tom Tom mounts

Well thought-out mounting of the foot machine

Secure transport

Solid Rack

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